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How Social Media is helping customers for Buying real estate in Covid times

by Parth Chhajer (Head of Sales, Marketing & Product Design at Arihant Superstructures Lt.)
Dec 06, 2020
How Social Media is helping customers for Buying real estate in Covid times, Article, KonexioNetwork.com

The year 2020 has been a real roller-coaster. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic had caught many businesses off-guard. The Covid-19 situation has also had adverse effects on the realty sector. As the market has been challenging for other sectors and industries, the Covid-19 situation has lowered the transaction with near-zero site visits in real estate.

However, as the saying goes, “there is always a Sunshine after the long dark night”. The lockdown period has made every business to work with a contingency plan. And real estate is no exception. As in other industries, realtors were also exploring newer options.

With the increasing market demands and changing landscapes, the real estate professionals are now trying for alternative options and the online medium is definitely one of them. As consumers are spending more time online, social media is certainly a relevant platform.

Realtors can now provide a clear projection of their site and projects which is far more appealing. They can now lucratively advertise and reach out to thousands of customers at one time through social media. On the other hand, even consumers can grasp more details at one glance.

Traditional vs Online real estate deals

For any individual investing in a house means deployment of their life savings. It is a well-thought-out plan to dwell in. In the earlier days, customers would look for properties in person, visit the site, check the local surroundings, and then invest in a house. Though it. was a time-consuming task, it was essential.

So what has changed?

Well, the process is still the same. The only difference is that now you can find all these details online. Customers can check out complete site plans, site details, and property designs online. In fact, with the current digital mediums, customers can even take a 360 tour of the site from their home. Social Media also enables one to understand the location and its added attributes wisely.

Advanced technologies have empowered real estate organizations to showcase their projects spectacularly in a detailed manner. This provides the customers the ease and convenience to check every detail which they might miss during their visit.

Further are a few gripping benefits of social media for consumers for buying real estate:

1. Time-saving: While you may like to go and check a site physically, you may still miss the details. In such a case, an online tour saves a huge time. You not just focus on the details you want to know, but also get extra information that is value-adding to your decision-making process.
2. Higher-engagement: While you may plan to buy a property in a particular location, social media can help you share and seek insights with other family members and friends. You don’t need to click pictures and videos to share, you can simply share the site details in a single click with whomever you wish to before you decide.
3. Easy-to-connect: If you are looking to speak to someone after you have seen an advertisement, social media makes your work easier. Rather than just engaging with a consultant, you can directly speak to relationship managers and consult on your real queries with proper answers.
4. More options: As offline information might be limited, you have more options today in the online world. Social Media gives you the excellent chance of looking out for a variety of options to compare with before you invest.
Thus, the accountability and influence of social media are massive. Leveraging Social Media for buying houses is indeed a safe, reliable, and convenient option in such adverse conditions .