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Don't Risk Your Health: The Hidden Dangers of Illegal & Chinese-chemical laced Mosquito Repellents

by Mr. Jayant Deshpande (Honorary Secretary, Home Insect Control Association (HICA))
Mar 27, 2024
Don't Risk Your Health: The Hidden Dangers of Illegal & Chinese-chemical laced Mosquito Repellents, Article, KonexioNetwork.com

The fight against mosquitoes in India is constant and ongoing. These tiny insects, while seemingly insignificant, pose a significant threat by transmitting deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. As a preventive measure, many people are turning to mosquito repellent incense sticks, freely available in the market. However, there is a public health risk stemming from the widespread use of illegal and unapproved mosquito repellent incense sticks in the country. 

While the issue does not concern mosquito repellent incense sticks that are government-approved and made by reputed manufacturers, the problem lies with illegal, spurious, and unapproved products that many people are using without any understanding. The cause of concern is also the rampant use of unregulated and unregistered chemicals, illegally imported from China, used in these incense sticks without any checks and approvals from government authorities.

These unregulated sticks, while tempting due to their low price and widespread availability, often lack proper quality control and transparency. These products, containing unregulated and unregistered chemicals, are imported from China, stored, and distributed without the necessary insecticide license from government authorities. Such unregulated, unregistered, and unapproved chemicals in India may lead to many serious health issues and risks.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of these unregulated incense sticks as household insecticides is questionable. Unlike products approved by government agencies such as the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIBRC), these sticks lack standardized testing and may not be formulated with the correct concentration of active ingredients. This translates to inadequate protection against mosquitoes, potentially exposing consumers to the very diseases they aim to avoid.

HICA strongly advises citizens against purchasing illegal household incense sticks containing illegally imported, unregulated chemicals. Instead, it encourages them to opt for safer alternatives from credible manufacturers and those approved by the Central Insecticides Board. Additionally, there are safe alternatives approved by the government available in the market such as Goodknight Agarbatti, which is India’s first government registered active based anti-mosquito Agarbatti.

Protecting oneself from mosquito-borne diseases is crucial. By making informed choices and purchasing government-approved products, consumers can ensure they are using effective and safe solutions to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy. In short, consumers should be aware and avoid opting for cheap, unregulated, unapproved, and unregistered household insecticide products. Consumers are advised to carefully examine and read pack declarations, as although a product may not be costly, a cheap, unregulated product may adversely impact their health. It is wise to select the right household insecticide product for your family’s protection.