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Right teaching can make youngsters differentiate between choices and actions

by Dr. Maithili Tambe (CEO of The Academy School, Pune)
Jun 23, 2023
Right teaching can make youngsters differentiate between choices and actions, Article, KonexioNetwork.com

A child is like fresh clay; you can mould him/her into the best shape possible. Much of how children will fare in the future depends on their childhood, that time in their life when they are students. Students do not just study the curriculum handed out to them; they are so creative that they ‘read’ everything that happens around them. They soak in the atmosphere and environment in the best way possible. It is extremely crucial to put their creativity and raw energy into something they can utilise for the rest of their lives.

While some children are blessed with creativity, some develop it over time. Knowing when the time is right for the student to bloom lies with both the parents as well as teachers.

A fine line
A student inadvertently pays attention to even the smallest of details such as how the teacher reacts when he commits a mistake, the teacher’s reaction to the student’s ideas, tasks, learning, etc. The right kind of response assures the student of the choice/action. It also unlocks emotions and empathy in a child for things around him. Unknowingly, we might be letting out negative things that the students latch on to while growing up.

Pampering is not parenting
Just as students are promoted and attend college after school, couples become parents. With their promotion comes an all-important and sensitive job of raising a child, which is very different from simply watching a child grow up. Parenting should not be misunderstood as pampering and adhering to whatever their superficial needs are. It must involve guiding them in the right direction and enable them to safeguard their future. Parents must spend time with the child and understand them and their rhythm. The student’s interest and creativity could lie anywhere, from dance to painting to music to arts to literature to anything else. You have got to hone their skills, know their likes and dislikes, tap their creative potential, and make them work towards realising their potential.

Student- Teacher relationship
While a parent would know the likes and dislikes of the child, when the child attends school, his likes and dislikes may affect his behaviour and that of others at school. While keeping the respect and dignity of a student, a teacher should create an environment conducive enough for a student to flourish and grow naturally. When the student likes doing a particular thing, let the student be and quietly fan their creative skills. From maintaining a positive and happy classroom to teaching behaviour, and techniques, a lot of things affect a student at a young age.

Students are at their creative best when they are young. All the other factors just need to push them in the right direction.