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Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Publishes a Case Study on the journey of SAI International School

by Our Corresspondent - Apr 22, 2022
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New Delhi : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM Calcutta), has published a case study on the life of Founder-Chairman SAI International Education Group, late Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo and the journey of SAI International School. The case study, namely, “SAI International School: In Pursuit of Academic Happiness”, was published on the official website of IIMC, it will be taught to all management students who attend the MBA program at the prestigious institution. One of Asia’s finest management institution, IIM Calcutta, has included this case within their core curriculum of management to teach the country’s finest leaders the concept of SAI, the art of entrepreneurship, and education management. This thesis is an incandescent joy to read and states that happiness and education not only can but should co-exist and must be taken seriously by everyone concerned about preparing children and young adults to be better ‘leaders of tomorrow’.

“With education we bring in new perspectives in the life of the children by exploring & enhancing their infinite possibilities” said, Dr.Bijaya Kumar Sahoo once as a believer in education being fundamental to the happiness of an individual. For his immense contribution to education in East India, Today, even after he has left us physically, his work continues to be celebrated across India.

About the Case Study

SAI International School: In Pursuit of Academic Happiness is a revolutionary case study that speaks volumes about the affiliations between education & happiness. This thesis explores what we ought to teach if we take happiness seriously as an aim of education. If educators were to accept its premise and be guided by its arguments, those involved in educating children and youth would have to dramatically rethink what they need to accomplish with their students; and restructure what they do in classrooms, not only the content but also the interactions they have with students. This thesis was developed under Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Case Research Centre(IIMCCRC) which is a distinct Centre of Excellence (COE) that constantly develops cases based on key industry challenges and success stories. These distinct cases act as supplementary reading materials to enhance classroom room learning of the students.

Significance of the Case Study

SAI International School: In Pursuit of Academic Happiness published in the esteemed portal of IIM Calcutta talks about how SAI International School, a day-cum-residential co-educational school established by Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo in the year 2008 in Bhubaneswar (India), sculpted itself on the edifice of learner well-being and happiness. Built on the mantra of “putting a radiant smile” on its students’ faces, this CBSE-affiliated school charted a little over a decade-long journey by making parents and teachers the two key pivots in its pursuit of happiness in education. This thesis beautifully synthesizes Dr. Sahoo’s admirable corpus related to education, learning, leadership & entrepreneurship. It carries noteworthy significance in different faucets of learning.

Elevate Class-room Learning: Applying knowledge in practice is a core element of progressive learning. This case study demonstrates relevant topics that, if imbibed within the curriculum can help young minds to expand not just their industry-specific knowledge but also shape the way they approach their own venture challenges. Further, it will serve as a distinct supplementary reading material to enhance classroom learning of students in high school.

Effective Teacher Training: This thesis focuses on pertinent roles that each stakeholder of school education plays in the process of 360-degree holistic learning of a child, that includes students, teachers, parents and educational institutions. It emphasizes on augmenting students’ cognitive learning, specifies the involvement of parents in the educational journey and enunciates the enrichment of faculty for quality education. This case study will be immensely beneficial for training programs of teachers & other educators to give them an opportunity to advocate neoteric methods of teaching within and beyond the classroom.

Fosters an Entrepreneurial Spirit: This case study aggrandizes an entrepreneurial acumen in young minds in regard to their future endeavours. It talks how the emergence of purposeful leadership in an academic curriculum not only amalgamates ideas & efforts but galvanizes many to achieve goals. It depicts how nurturing leadership combined with the passion of innovation is somewhat primary to our very functioning. When efforts are pursued with unstinted zeal, practices help habits & beliefs change for the better, creating a generation to face the challenges of the world with unmatched perfection.

Education with a Difference: The insights shared in the study will bring about a new perspective to education with a difference’ as facilitated in SAI by Dr. Sahoo by creating a space that nurtured children in a manner that resulted in them becoming responsible & principled human beings despite all austerities that came along the way. To enable, encourage and endow every student to initiate a lifelong pursuit of learning & excellence where learning is a happy affair forms the crux of the thesis. It outlines the know-hows of exponential learning by imbibing 21st century skills of innovation, leadership & entrepreneurship whilst combatting primitive concepts of education.

The case study titled SAI International School: In Pursuit of Academic Happiness has been successfully published under the thematic group of Entrepreneurship and is available for purchase and download on the IIM Calcutta website.

“We are extremely humbled and happy that IIMC published our story as a 35-page case study, ‘SAI International: In pursuit of Academic Happiness’, which will be taught to MBA students studying at IIM Calcutta, in order to impart valuable entrepreneurship lessons to the students. I am sure students will gain an insight into building an environment of happiness in a school”, said Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson SAI International Education Group.