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Housing Society in Mulund organizes Ganesh Visarjan in their own premises

by Our Corresspondent - Sep 19, 2021
Housing Society in Mulund organizes Ganesh Visarjan in their own premises, CommunityForum, KonexioNetwork.com

~ Atmosphere at Mulund sets example for other residential societies by promoting Eco-friendlyVisarjan confined in the boundaries of their own society

Mumbai: The celebrations leave behind an outrageous threat to the nature that requires days to be cleaned. This Ganesh Chaturthi, residents of a housing society Atmosphere in Mumbai’s Mulund suburb took up the initiative by promoting eco-friendly visarjan confined in the boundaries of their society. The residents are encouraging green celebration and have created an artificial pond so that they can carry out hassle-free visarjan keeping themselves and most importantly the marine life safe. The visarjan pond was kept operational for all visarjan days till Ananth Chaturdashi which marks the final day of visarjan.

The huge idols of Ganesha used to be immersed in the nearby water bodies which ended up clotting them and spreading chemicals into the water. Instead, the residents supported the eco-friendly Ganpati Visarjan which will protect the water bodies and marine life in a big way.

Expressing his views, one of the residents at Wadhwa Atmosphere said, “We are setting up an example with the idea of eco-friendly immersion in between the Covid 19 pandemic. The residents were also very supportive of the idea and immersed the idols in an organized manner. We are very proud of carrying out a safe, secure, and peaceful Ganesh Visarjan while following the Covid-19 protocols.”

“Even though the enormousness of the idols marks the vastness of the festival, this year all of our residents opted for simple and small idols. We wanted to pass on a mass message to Mumbaikars to protect our Mother Nature by celebrating our festivals in an eco-friendly way,” another resident said.

The pandemic has caused us to understand that, more than anything, we need the blessing of a healthy nature to thrive. As the well-being concerns continue to rise and the wild spread of the COVID-19 is being brought to a control, the nation is admiring one of its most anticipated celebrations – Ganesh Chaturthi. Yet, we have gained well from the dreadful pandemic, this present time would be a decent opportunity to reverse the situation around to praise our celebrations, love our God but add to the climate in whatever way we can.