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IM Happiness - A Community that cares for your smile

by Our Corresspondent - Aug 26, 2021
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~ ' IM Happiness ' is a social community that helps people battle their inner demons and pushes them to be happy in life ~

An initiative by Aishwarya Jain, who is an award-winning young entrepreneur and society awakener, IM Happiness is a social community that works to increase awareness on mental well-being and cognitive fitness. They work on the aim of the United Nations' Goals of promoting good health and well-being and have worked closely with the organisation. IM Happiness is utilizing the power of Science and Spirituality in achieving this aim. They believe that Happiness is a skill to be enhanced by training and practice.

In association with the Department of Science and Technology (India), VIPO Global and Against Depression, IM Happiness is backed with the best of the team of psychologists, neuroscientists, yoga/wellness practitioners, food-gut & mood experts and experts in the field of developing human potential. The team works day and night to help the sufferers get rid of their mental chaos and teach them the skill of being optimistic and happy in every situation, either favourable or adverse.

IM Happiness is initiating a new campaign, ‘Hello Happiness’. The campaign unites 30+ celebrities from across the country to have a surprise conversation with selected people in India. Yash Kotak from Boheco, Chef Ranveer Brar, Actor Sunny Leone, Actor Daniel, Artist Arohi Patel, Masoom Minawala Mehta and Artist Ash King are some of the celebrities who will be a part of this campaign.

IM Happiness has changed more than 20,000 lives since the year of its inception. During COVID-19, when people lost their loved ones and were exposed to a limited income, they strongly worked with hospitals to save people from suicides, massive anxiety, PTSD, etc. Furthermore, they distributed Happiness Masks to echo positivity in the chaos.

The team also conducted master classes in collaboration with IIM - Ahmedabad.

Their past campaigns, namely, Log Kya Kahenge and Serving Happiness had a really huge impact.The campaign, Log Kya Kahenge was a strong clap-back to our judgemental society and encouraged young individuals to live their lives vicariously. Serving Happiness, on the other hand, focused on the importance of eating healthy. Through this campaign, the foundation helped a ton of people get their life on track by making a few tweaks in their daily food routines.

Drawing the light on the objective of this initiative, Aishwarya Jain, Founder of IM Happiness, said,  "We all go through a particular time phase where we don't know how we should feel and react. We resist seeking help from anyone due to our ignorance of the chances of having mental issues. The objective of IM Happiness is to spread awareness and teach this society the skill of being happy and optimistic in every situation. We have successfully changed the lives of thousands and aim to increase these numbers to lakhs."