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Alex Pen- Director Taipei World Trade Centre –Mumbai

by Surendra Sharma - Jan 20, 2021
Alex Pen- Director Taipei World Trade Centre –Mumbai, Interview, KonexioNetwork.com

Mr. Alex Pen is currently the Director, Taipei World Trade Center and overlooks the strategic initiatives to assist Taiwan businesses and manufacturers in developing the international market, Their effort is to collaborates closely with the Taiwan government to promote international trade and provide business alliance consultation and connect international firms with Taiwan partners.

1. Tell us a brief about why was Taiwan Expo started in India and how has the journey been since inception to the one in 2020? 

The aim for Taiwan Expo was to promote Taiwanese Culture, food and technology in India

2. How does Taiwan Expo help foster business growth and strengthen bilateral trade relations?

Taiwan Expo acts as an ideal platform for Indian buyers to interact with Taiwan Companies and understand their products / technology with commercial views in details

3. What are the main attractions for Taiwan Expo 2020?

Taiwan Expo main attractions include Food, Technology and Innovation

4. How does Taiwan Expo help Taiwan Product Centre?

Taiwan Expo provides an avenue for Indian Buyers visiting the Expo to connect with TPC Companies without any hassle or barriers  

5. What are the key attractions at the TPC pavilion at the Expo 2020?

Key attractions for TPC are EV Spares, Automobile Spares, Electronic components, tools and much more

6. Chinese products have been a dominant force in the market, so how does Taiwan aim to build a niche for their technology and products?

We aim to strengthen our market presence by offering innovative and advanced quality products at a reasonable price 

7. What are the business expansion plans for Taiwan in India, over the next five years?

To showcase India as a growing, upcoming and developing manufacturing platform with ever growing demand for quality products 

8. What are the pans for TPC in India?

To establish itself as platform for Indian buyers to exploring for the right product

9. Which are the key growths or high demand sectors in India that will be focus for TPC? 

The key growth or high demand sectors are Automobile Engineering, Healthcare and Lifestyle

10.How does Taiwan view the Indian market? 

India continues to show great potential in economic and business development. With its growing consumption and purchasing power, there is indeed great optimism for some long term partnerships. TPC through its various Taiwanese products, technology and industrial sectors aims to compliment India’s economic growth and consistently provide their partners with innovation and quality services.