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Ratan Srivastava-Founder & CEO Ksolves India Ltd.

by Surendra Sharama - Feb 10, 2021
Ratan Srivastava-Founder & CEO Ksolves India Ltd., Interview, KonexioNetwork.com

Mr. Ratan Srivastava is a founder of Ksolves India Ltd, he has experience over 15years from development to delivery and very good Sales person also, He has a god gifted qualities like Team Building, Leadership etc. which is helping Ksolves a lot.  

Today Ksolve India Ltd is Know for their High quality software and application development services. With 250+ technical headcount and more is growing by leaps and bound. Ksolves provides software solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs, MSMEs, enhancing their value, simplifying their IT outsourcing experience, and creating a powerful digital future for them.

Give us brief about Ksolves India Limited & What is the Business Model of the Ksolves?

NSE Emerge listed, Ksolves focuses on delivering global business solutions by providing high-quality software and application development services.

Ksolves provides software solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, SMBs, MSMEs, enhancing their value, simplifying their IT outsourcing experience, and creating a powerful digital future for them. 

Geographies Covered: Nine years down the line, Ksolves has worked with several clients all across the UK, USA, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Mozambique and other geographical regions. It is a 250+ employee strong team across two sprawling development centers in Noida and Indore, and onshore sales center in California, USA and Mozambique. 

Services Covered: Ksolves offers development services for high-end technologies such as Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Salesforce, Data Lake, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Node.js, React.js, AngularJS, iOS, Android, Penetration Testing etc. 

Industries Covered: The company is offering software development services to top players in industries such as Telecom, E-learning, Logistics, Material Handling, Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, entertainment, Travel & Tourism, and Fitness. Ksolves has emerged as one of the most trustworthy custom software development companies with a wide span of technology experts under the same roof and growing further with the competitive market. 

Tell us something about the Management team of Ksolves?

Mr Ratan Srivastava – A visionary leader

Together with the team of 250+ seasoned professionals, Ratan has been striving to make an unforgettable mark in the Software Development Industry for the last 9 years with his entrepreneurial brainchild KSOLVES.

Initial Phase:  In early days, his personal relationships that he had inculcated and nurtured over the years served as his biggest strength. One of his ex-colleague and one of his oldest childhood friends decided to take charge of the project delivery and finance department respectively and provided positive reinforcement wherever necessary. With two knowledgeable and experienced people by his side and an army of passionate individuals, Ratan has been spearheading Ksolves’ ship like an experienced captain.

Current Phase: Ksolves is striving to make an unforgettable mark in the Software Development Industry. With the support of the team, Ksolves’ performance can be best defined with its achievements:
  • Ksolves launched IPO in mid-2020 and is now listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE), it is one of India’s Largest Stock Exchange platforms with a nationwide presence
  • Ksolves boasts of 9+ years in business, 250+ developers/architects with worldwide clients and an impressive client retention and employee retention rate 

You got listed in the Month of July 2020 how was your Journey of SME IPO Listing?

The Journey towards IPO: The Journey of launching IPO and Listing on NSE was very overwhelming. Even in the tough situation of a pandemic induced lockdown, the company easily fulfilled all the compliance and documentation requirements. We are very thankful for the support and guidance provided by the Merchant Banker (Shreni Shares Pvt Limited) and NSE representatives. This Successful IPO is one of the Biggest achievements in the life time of the Company. Its oversubscription is the testimony of the Ksolves past performance and trust of the Stakeholders on Ksolves’ strong potentials.

How SME Listing has helped you in your Business?

Any organization needs to constantly weigh the needs of different stakeholders. Ksolves has adapted strategy to balance needs of all stakeholders and minimize conflict perceptions between shareholding stakeholders and non-shareholding ones, such as customers, vendors, employees, and the communities in which Ksolves operate. To do so, pre-defined operating principles as well complete transparency on outcomes is a must. Highest form of corporate governance is underlying of all things Ksolves does.
The SME Listing has helped the Business in many ways and taken the trust of Ksolves’ Stakeholders to the next level, some of the components includes:

Credibility in front of Client: Ksolves as listed company has taken its governance requirements to the next level, The Clients finds it association with Ksolves, more trustworthy on the part of Data Security, Privacy Policies, Management Stability, Transparency of Company’s Financials, other Company’s Policies, Code of Conduct and Procedures.

Senior Resource Hiring: Senior and Highly experienced resource hiring is now easier for Ksolves. Senior level resources are more attracted to work with a Listed Company.

Credibility in front of Suppliers and External Professionals: Suppliers and External Professionals finds it lucrative to have commercial agreements with a listed firm as engagements standards and 

Can you highlight few benefits after the listing?

Process Governance: Being Listed on NSE Emerge, the Company has induced the sense of process governance, the company consolidated and standardized its management, tasks, and services to ensure that each project is executed properly and in accordance with what is expected by both management and clients.

Elevated Corporate Governance: The Board of the Company has now expanded. Independent Board provides timely valuable suggestions in view of Company’s growth and business. Corporate Governance of the Company has now turned to a higher side to ensure norms of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) are met.

More Tech Partnerships: On the basis of Credibility in front of Stakeholders, Transparency, earlier provided quality services, Good business relationships, the Company has also stepped into different platforms for tech partnerships like Salesforce, Magento (Adobe), and Odoo.

Financial Growth: If discussed on the revenue side, the Company in its Q3 FY 2020-21 declared the revenue of 7.87cr compared to 6.15cr avg revenue in first two quarters of FY 2020-21 and 10cr in entire FY 2019-20.

What advice would like to give to your fellow entrepreneurs who are planning to get listed?

Right Timing and Planning: The Companies aiming to get listed on NSE Emerge or BSE SME, should start working on the same at least 6-12 months before the target date, should do good market research for right time, advertisement requirements etc. 

Benefits out ways Costs: Once listed, the Company is required to incur more on Procedural and Compliance Cost but one should be less worried about the same as looking after the aforementioned benefits in case of Ksolves, be it Credibility in front of Clients, Suppliers, External Professionals, Good Resources, inducing towards more process governance and elevating the Corporate Governance, all these benefits outweighs the Cost.