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Path to Progress... Pradhan Mantri eVidya Yojna

by Madhavi Mihir Bhuta (National Executive Member, BJP Mahila Morcha)
Apr 23, 2021
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Every hundred years, an unusual pandemic hits the globe...

Since November 2019, Wuhan in China became the epicenter of an unusual epidemic that the world had never witnessed. Within no time, the entire globe was engulfed in it. The whirlwind activity came to a standstill with lockdown in most parts of the world.

Bharat too suffered from this unforeseen calamity. The economic activity received a major jolt. Educational institutions had to be shut down for an indefinite period. Modi Government, while presenting the nation with the economic relief package, initiated the solution to continue Education via Digital platform. In the fifth and final stage of the economic package, the Minister of Finance announced the eVidya program for the country’s top 100 Universities and Schools. Under this program, Online educational courses were allowed from May 30, 2020. Nirmala Sitharaman had announced Swayamprabha DTH to support students who can not access the Internet.

The noteworthy motive behind the PM eVidya program is to educate students through digital platforms during the lockdown.

Through this program, training courses would be provided to all the students associated with schools, colleges, and universities so they remain in touch with their studies and do not move away or drop out of education during such exhaustive time.

Education Dissemination Portal provides a pathway for schools and universities to smoothly transfer knowledge to all students.

Central Government is well aware that not all students have the facility of accessing the Internet but TV and cable have reached far and wide.

With this in mind, Modiji led Government, has initiated launching 12 DTH study channels.

Community radio and other trained radio stations have also been added under the Shiksha Prasar modes. Podcast will be launched in near future to better educate students.

The Central Government has made special arrangements for blind students and students with disabilities with the assistance of experts. The beneficiary students of Pradhan Mantri eVidya Yojna would also benefit from downloading study material through this portal. The experts have been doing live interactive sessions from home through Skype. 200 new textbooks have been added to the e-pathshala.

A new national curriculum and pedagogical framework for schools, early childhood and teachers has been launched which is integrated with global 21st-century skill requirements. The PM eVidya program consists of “Diksha” involving e-content and QR-coded energized book for all the classes.

A TV channel called “One class, one channel” has also been launched for class 1st to 12th.

Locked within four walls of the home has created an extremely appalling effects in student’s mindsets. Hence, the Central Government has concentrated on steps to ensure the Mental health of the students. Through PM eVidya, students are provided Psychological and Social support. Throughout this psychological plan, the government decided the extent of the activity of mentally active student teachers and family members.

Channel called Manodarpan has been launched for the mental health and emotional well-being of students, teachers, and families.

Lockdown has caused immense strain on people’s income. Additional expenses for Online education would simply increase the burden for Common Man. Keeping this crucial significance, the NDA Government has kept the entire Online education free of cost. The students would not have to pay any fees during registration.

The official website for this Yojna is https://www.swayamprabha.gov.in/

Both central and state governments work together to continue online classes for students who register on this portal. The digital infrastructure for the knowledge exchange platform has also been created by the government according to the children’s curriculum. It’s a platform that powers the “One Nation One Digital platform”. National and NewMercy institutional literacy with the task has ensured that all children learning from toddler to the fifth grade is connected to the scheme. 

The Central Government festival project has started by the end of 2020 and will get completed by end of 2025. Corona pandemic has been followed by lockdown and such unusual and unpredicted circumstances have changed the pattern of existence drastically. Imagine, young children with dreams in their ambition in their heart and dream in their eyes, would have been immensely shattered when they would feel their year was wasted and future was bleak with education institutions shut.

Manik was one such youth residing in the small village of Madhya Pradesh. Belonging to a farmer’s family, Manik was very sharp in grasping and brilliant in education. He was a keen observer and had the ambition to make new innovations in farming. He was in class 8th and in the future wished to do research in Agrotechnology.

The Pradhan Mantri eVidya Yojna came to his rescue and his education was not halted. Prime Minister’s vision does not let any calamity ruin the ecosystem. Turning the difficult times into innovative opportunities is surely the path to look forward to and Narendra Modiji has ensured that Bharat and Bharatiya walk on the path of progress, come what may.