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Yoga – The Relaxed Retreat

by Ram Mandhan (Certified Yoga practitioner & Instructor)
Jul 07, 2020

Whenever we hear about the word “Yoga”. There are two things that crosses once mind, Sage (Rishi Munni) and Hermits (Sanyasi), people who have detached themselves from the real world and are living in solitude as a religious discipline. Second is the today’s young generation, trend settlers and the posers who carry the yoga mat on their back and are always trying out new and ambitious things.

When the normal audience look at the two extremes of yoga which is requiring the strength and power that all the Rishi Munis had in past and the flexible poses that happen as part of modern yoga they get detached by thinking that this practice will require too much of hard work to which they can’t commit to in the fast moving life. 

Both these things have actual recreated a thought that yoga is a tough affair, which has in return covered up all the underlining benefits of yoga to the human body, mind and soul.

Yoga is not only about the physical practice, breathing exercises and instagramable poses, yoga has the knowledge, answers and solutions to almost everything that happens in body, mind and even in the world. It is filled with solutions of every problem that the human being faces personally, professionally irrespective of whichever corner of the world person resides in. 
Consider, you have two kids, body and mind, from young age to old age we put all our efforts like money, time and energy on nurturing of our body and never focus on the other kid which is our mind. Mind is the major cause of our existence it is that root of the tree called body. To get fruits out the tree, we need to water the roots and if we water our mind in this case it will provide us with all the desired result not once but all the time. 

Yoga is way of life and works on attitude, behaviour and skills and on all our actions. It keeps the mind balanced in positive as well as conflict situations.  Yoga is a comprehensive way of life that gives a high level of importance to dharmic values and principles. 

Everyone needs to keep all the negative thoughts, myths, and doubt aside that they have on something as beautiful as yoga. Just dip yourself in the nectar of yoga and feel the calmness, harmony and peaceful energy within yourself which will boost your potential at pace. 

Views expressed here are personal.