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Path to Progress....Ujala Yojna

by Madhavi Mihir Bhuta (National Executive Member, BJP Mahila Morcha)
Nov 12, 2020

Ujala Yojna is being implemented under Ministry of Power along with Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL).

The central Government along with respective state Government’s combined efforts has resulted in saving of Rs.15,960 Crores per annum.

The full form if UJALA Yojna is Unnat Jyoti Affordable LEDs for All. It implies the domestic lighting project.

The foremost aim of this Yojna is promoting efficient lighting by enhancing awareness regarding usage efficiency.

Every domestic household in the country paying electricity bill and holding a legal meter is entitled to get benefit of this Yojna and get minimum two to maximum ten LED bulbs.

The LED bulbs can be ordered online from the official Website named Ujala.gov.in - National Ujala Dashboard by EESL. On the home page, click your state and later your city’s name to locate the Kiosk Center in your area. The required documents to avail this scheme, are Aadhar Card, Residential and Identity proof along with Electricity bill and a photograph.

The Government machinery held camps at the selected cities to distribute LED bulbs at nominal price.

The Pradhan Mantri Ujala Yojna has been immensely successful as LED bulbs are around 8-10% cheaper than CFL bulbs and about 50% more durable than the round shaped incandescent bulbs.

The ordinary bulb is extremely Energy inefficient form of lighting with just 5% of the electricity input converted to light.

Efficient light bulbs like Light Emitting Diode (LED) consumes only one-tenth of energy used by the ordinary bulbs to provide the same strength or better light output.

However, higher cost of LEDs was a barrier in adoption of this  lighting system.

Visionary Prime Minister’s dedicated efforts initiated successful implementation of

The DELP on bill financing scheme proposes to overcome this cost barrier.

With successful implication of LED bulbs, the central government initiated LED tube light at Rs.220 and Fan at Rs.1100/-.

The 20W Tube lights are 50% more energy efficient than conventional 40W tube lights, which are available at Rs. 220/- as compared to market price of 500/- to 600/-. The energy efficient fans under Ujala scheme come with BEE 5-Star rating and are 30% more energy efficient than conventional fans.

Another very significant achievement through implementation of Ujala Yojna has been realisation of dream for having 24/7 power supply. This can be possibly achieved with saving of huge consumption of electricity and use of LED bulbs institutes this.

Another extremely noteworthy achievement due to implementation of LED bulbs is annual greenhouse gas emission of only 79 million tonnes along with saving 10.5 Billion kilowatt power, Which has impacted immensely in preserving the Environmental equilibrium.

On first glance, this reform may appear a small gesture but its impact has gone a long way.

This is the path to Naya Bharat.