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5 tips for every woman to start her day with

by Prabhakar Tiwari (CMO, Angel Broking Ltd)
Oct 26, 2020

Well begun is half done, or so the old proverb goes. Anything that’s off to a great start invariably turns out okay. This can be a particularly useful trick for women who need to juggle multiple chores at home and at work on a daily basis. Multitasking can be difficult, and to minimize the stress that it comes with, it’s very essential to get your day off to a good start.

Fortunately, there are some ideas that can help every woman begin her day on the right note. Interested to know more? Here are 5 such tips that can help you.

Visualize your perfect before going to sleep
A good start to each day begins the previous night. Sounds a bit strange? Well, look at this way. If you visualize the perfect day before you fall asleep each night, you set pretty good expectations for the day ahead when you wake up each morning. And there’s a bonus too. Picturing your ideal day and going over your tasks beforehand can help you be better prepared for what lies ahead.

Include some mentally stimulating habits in your morning routine 
Slow mornings are for weekends and holidays. If your day ahead looks busy, it’s a good idea to wake your brain up by engaging in some mentally stimulating habits like reading the daily paper, scour through the day’s business journal, or catch up on market news. You’ll find that you’re more alert and mentally agile throughout the day if you start off by including these habits in your morning routine.

Eat your breakfast right
Breakfast is, without doubt, the most important meal of your day. It gives your brain the fuel needed to take you through the busy day ahead. Remember, your brain feeds on carbs, so include some healthy carbohydrates in your breakfast. This is true regardless of what your day looks like - whether you’re a homemaker whose day is dotted with chores, an avid investor who needs to keep track of the market, or an employed professional powering through a day job. 

Plan your day well
Planning your day beforehand and keeping a ready-to-reference to-do list can make things much easier for you. It gives you a clear picture of what you’ve completed and what remains to be done. Without a plan guiding you, there’s a high possibility that you may miss out on some important things. So, write down (or type out) your tasks for the day and decide on the order of things you’ll get to, one after the next. It makes things a lot easier!

Practice mindfulness
Simply put, mindfulness helps you focus on the task at hand. It allows you to be fully in the moment. The result? You get to do your job more efficiently. And this doesn’t just apply to your professional life - it’s valid for your personal life too. Being mindful makes you better at keeping track of time, it helps you eat healthy, and what do you know, it even makes saving money easier! Begin your day on a mindful note, and watch how the stress fades away into the side-lines.

So, these seem like simple enough ideas. But when you incorporate them in your morning routine, the difference can be startling. After all, what starts well, ends well too. And the secret to a good day is to hit it off on the right note.