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Unlocking the financial potential of gold loans for all economic classes

by Ravish Gupta (Business Head - Gold Loans)
Sep 11, 2023
Unlocking the financial potential of gold loans for all economic classes, Market, KonexioNetwork.com

Due to the consistent efforts to achieve financial security and stability , gold has also emerged as a strategic asset class, a center of timeless attraction. Gold, which has been handed down from generation to generation, contains the essence of financial ingenuity . Gold has become a solid pillar of comfort in times of uncertainty . Gold has become an adaptable and versatile resource due to its inherent value beyond temporal and geographical boundaries . Gold becomes a cash-convertible lifeline , a surety of stability during market fluctuations.

Digital Dawn and the Rise of Gold Loans

In the modern age , the combination of technology and finance has given birth to a dynamic financial resource . That resource is gold loan . This modern tool enables individuals to seamlessly apply for loans from established non - banking financial companies ( NBFCs ) or reputed financial institutions, all from the comfort of their homes. Diffusion of technology is a sign of modernity and diffusion of technology has played an important role in the boom of gold loan market in India .

The steady growth in gold loan AUM ( assets under management ) of gold loan NBFCs and banks at a CAGR of 13 per cent over the last decade is a testament to this digital transformation. Growth has accelerated over the last five years at a compounded CAGR of 22 percent and has reached 27 percent in the post-Covid pandemic period (FY20-FY23). This significant improvement has to be attributed not only to the growing awareness , but also to the rapid digital transformation in various industries .

Gold Loans : A Panacea in Financial Applications

Whether the chosen lender is a bank or an NBFC , the gold loan portfolio is wide . There is no restriction on utilization of loan amount in gold loan . This financial chameleon ( disposable loan ) helps fulfill personal aspirations like education or celebrating weddings and also caters to business needs like strengthening working capital or facilitating expansion . Over time, Suvarna Karja has carved a niche for itself as a reputable financial product. Diversity and effectiveness are the hallmarks of this loan .

Transition in India 's Gold Loan Market

Over time , the profile of the gold loan market in India has evolved subtly . This shows the growing demand of individuals and businesses . This change is being driven by both conventional banks and new NBFC gold loan companies . These specialized NBFCs have played an important role in the expansion of the market .

The pattern of borrowing is undergoing significant change , as individuals and businesses are shifting from informal lenders to established lenders . This transition shows progress towards financial inclusion and transparency .

A veritable ladder to financial inclusion

Suvarna Karja has become an honorable path towards financial inclusion . Hence the balance between various economic levels is being cultivated . With fast and easy access to credit, low - income families are becoming more resilient , equipping them to weather tough times . As gold loans can be integrated into financial planning, middle - income families are getting relief . Even among the elite classes, gold loans are being looked upon as a safe diversification tool .

Creative use of gold loans opens up a useful way of augmenting existing loans . Hence the inherent value of one's possessions in the form of gold is being cultivated . This innovative ladder makes it possible to cut through redundant application processes and usher in an era of disciplined lending . Due to the financial ingenuity of this approach, the borrowers are able to avail supplementary loans without paying almost as much interest .

Gold Loans : The extreme opposite of unsecured options

If you look at the gold loan option against unsecured options like personal loans , the differences become clear . Gold loans at competitive rates of interest are the epitome of financial wisdom . It is a smart way to get quick cash without the huge interest burden . This financial instrument is not only economically viable , but also provides financial freedom to the borrower .

In short , the transformation of gold loan from traditional practices to a modern financial asset explains the importance of gold loan in India's economy . As economic classes undergo dynamic evolution , Suvarna Karja stands firm as a unifying factor , catering to the diverse needs of various social communities . Suvarna Debt's potential to foster financial inclusion is unmatched . Therefore, supplementary loans can be made available to the previous loans and by providing a smart financial instrument to the borrowers, Suvarnakarj has become the hallmark of Bini in this sector .

Among structured financial instruments, gold loans are more popular because , this loan is easy, safe and easily accessible . Therefore, an amicable path of economic empowerment is opening .