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Benefits of a Rooftop Solar

by Rajashree Nambiar (Co-Founder and CEO of Ecofy)
May 08, 2023
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Global warming is a rising concern and the entire world has been looking forward to creating and using renewable energy. India too, has been an active endorser of the same. The source of renewable energy that has dominated the nation? Solar power. With government-endorsed plans and incredible targets set to increase solar power consumption, India today has come to be one of the most significant users of renewable energy. The large-scale installations of solar power units have definitely contributed to this, and the potential to utilise solar power has further increased as a credit to individuals who are adopting solar rooftops.

What is a solar rooftop?

A solar rooftop is the use of a solar panel installed on the roof of residential buildings/financial institutions that makes use of solar power to generate electricity and has a myriad of advantages for both, commercial and residential users.

Benefits of a rooftop solar

1.  Saving on bills
While regular electricity is powered through fuel across the country, it becomes an expensive ordeal, especially with rising fuel prices. Solar energy is readily available and can be harnessed as a substitute for fuel-based electricity, thus being a cheaper alternative in the long run.

2.   Accessibility
India is a country that holds diverse communities from multiple walks of life, not all of whom have accessible sources of energy, other than petrol and diesel. Solar Energy has become an economically viable and safe option for them.

3.  Low maintenance
Post the installation of a rooftop solar, the product itself requires negligible maintenance and, therefore, lower added costs. Rooftop Solars are known to have a long service life span.

4. Reduced carbon footprint
Right from installation to use, rooftop solars neither emit harmful greenhouse gases nor cause health hazards, resulting in a lowered carbon footprint.

5. Green Business
The use of rooftop solar allows your business to do more green by reducing the number of fossil fuels your company uses, not only allowing your business to do good for the climate but also allowing it to reduce operating costs.

While a rooftop solar generates electricity, it also has multiple uses, such as heating water and providing heated air for the building or institution. Moreover, India being a tropical country with a majority of the day being lit with sunlight, rooftop solar has become a convenient renewable energy source. Concerns regarding the initial cost of installation may exist. However, multiple avenues to reduce the burden of the same are now readily available to the public.