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Rain-Proof Your Home Safety: Safeguarding Your Home Locks This Monsoon

by Shyam Motwani (Business Head, Godrej Locks & Architectural Fitting and Systems)
Jun 20, 2023
Rain-Proof Your Home Safety: Safeguarding Your Home Locks This Monsoon, Market, KonexioNetwork.com

A safe home means that one can enjoy a sense of tranquillity. And I believe that a safe home, starts with a reliable door lock, it is after all, our first line of defence. However, a lot of us may not know how to safe guard this crucial element in our home, especially during severe weather conditions. I believe that this guide is ideal for this particular season as the monsoons arrive, so let's delve into the depths and explore effective ways to safeguard your mechanical as well as electronic locks this monsoon.

Step 1: Inspect and run a maintenance check

Before the monsoon arrives, it's crucial to conduct a detailed inspection and maintenance check of your locks. Examine the lock's physical components, such as the latch, bolt, springs, as well as the area surrounding the locks for any gaps or cracks on the door. These openings can allow rainwater to seep in and damage the lock mechanism.

To effectively lubricate a manual lock, choose a suitable lubricant such as lightweight machine oil or graphite-based lubricant while avoiding thick oils or greases that attract dust. Apply a thin layer of oil to the moving parts of the lock, including the latch, bolt, springs, and other visible components. Insert and remove the key several times to distribute the oil evenly within the lock mechanism, ensuring gentle movements to prevent breakage. One can effectively maintain the smooth operation of the lock, prevent rust formation, and prolong its lifespan.

To ensure the proper functioning of digital locks, check the battery levels regularly, as they rely on batteries for their operation. Moreover, check for software updates provided by the lock's manufacturer. Periodically updating the lock's software can enhance its safety features and ensure compatibility with the latest technologies.

Step 2: Keep the moisture out

To ensure optimal functionality of door locks during the monsoon season, it is crucial to avoid direct exposure to rain or water.

Do you know what ‘door sag’ is? It’s the effect where water gets absorbed in the door to an extent  where the doors do not lock properly. This can be avoided by air drying, sanding, painting, polishing and other techniques.

For our digital locks, humidity can cause condensation inside the lock, leading to malfunctioning. Utilize those dehumidifiers or moisture absorbers in the vicinity to maintain optimal humidity levels and minimize the chances of moisture-related issues.

Step 3: Call the experts

If there are some issues one cannot solve at home, do not hesitate to call professionals. Contact certified locksmiths or the customer support of your lock's manufacturer for accurate guidance and necessary repairs.

Step 4: Have a backup

These days with automation solutions that are dependent on electricity, battery or even internet, one must understand safe back up options. For example, we at Godrej create highly advanced technological locks that also come with manual access options like a physical key. In case of emergencies, this is the best option.

I believe that preparing your locks for the monsoon is crucial to ensure their reliable operation and longevity. By implementing these easy tips, you can enjoy peace of mind and make the most of your smart lock technology even during inclement weather conditions.