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Clay Craft Leads the Way with Pioneering Sustainable Manufacturing

by Deepak Agarwal (Director, Clay Craft India Pvt. Ltd.)
Jun 05, 2024
Clay Craft Leads the Way with Pioneering Sustainable Manufacturing, Market, KonexioNetwork.com

As we celebrate World Environment Day, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the impact our businesses have on the planet. At Clay Craft, we are committed to environmental responsibility, and I am honored to share our pioneering efforts in sustainable manufacturing.

We are proud to announce the establishment of Rajasthan's first 200 KW rooftop solar PV power plant at our VKI, Jaipur facility. This initiative marks a significant step towards reducing our environmental footprint and fostering a cleaner future.

The journey began with a vision to embrace renewable energy. We partnered with Su-Kam Power Systems to design, install, and commission this state-of-the-art solar power plant. The first phase boasts a capacity of 100 KW, with a second phase planned to bring the total to 200 KW. This capacity will generate a substantial portion of our energy needs, significantly reducing our reliance on conventional power sources.

This shift towards solar power is not merely an environmental win. It is also an economic one. The plant is projected to save us nearly Rs. 24.48 lakhs annually in operational costs. These savings will be crucial in reinvesting towards further sustainability initiatives and technological advancements.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond this solar project. We already utilize eco-friendly kilns and machines in our manufacturing process. Additionally, we are actively exploring avenues for research and development to enhance product quality and capacity while minimizing our environmental impact.

Clay Craft's rooftop solar plant serves as a testament to the potential of renewable energy in revolutionizing manufacturing practices. We believe this initiative will inspire other businesses in Rajasthan and across India to embrace sustainable solutions.

Leading the Charge in Sustainable Manufacturing

We are thrilled to announce that our dedication to renewable energy extends beyond the VKI facility. Our Manda Factory boasts an impressive rooftop solar plant with a capacity of 500 KW. This, combined with the 350 KW capacity now achieved at our VKI Factory, positions Clay Craft as a leader in sustainable manufacturing within Rajasthan.

On World Environment Day, let us all pledge to make conscious choices that protect our planet. By adopting renewable energy and eco-friendly practices, we can create a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.

Together, we can lead the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow.