Home Markets Year end Story: Outlook for 2022

Year end Story: Outlook for 2022

by Sharad Malhotra (President, Automotive Refinishes and Wood Coatings, Nippon Paint India)
Dec 27, 2021
Year end Story: Outlook for 2022, Market, KonexioNetwork.com

2021 has been a year of resurgence for the Indian industry. The resilience of our economy and our spirit was severely tested, and we passed with flying colours. The Indian consumer supported us throughout and we also found opportunities to grow our exports and let the world see the products of New India. The government has been proactive and very supportive of the industry’s efforts and the recently introduced measures like PLI Schemes will surely benefit the industry.

2022 is the third year in succession to start under the cloud of Covid-19 but we as a country are more vigilant and better prepared to deal with any exigency with composure. Moreover Covid has taught us a lot and we are not as vulnerable as we once were. We will continue to grow our businesses and our economy with intensity and build our strong growth story in 2022.