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Post Budget Reaction of Pinnacle Industries

by Dr. Sudhir Mehta (Founder & Chairman Pinnacle Industries & EKA Mobility)
Feb 02, 2024
Post Budget Reaction of Pinnacle Industries, Market, KonexioNetwork.com

The union government has yet again reinstated its commitment to sustainably growing and strengthening the economy. Capital allocation of 11.11 lakh crore towards infrastructure development will play a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and prosperity. Additionally, investments in infrastructure create jobs, stimulate demand for goods and services, and attract private-sector investment. The government's initiatives and focus on uplifting women entrepreneurship will significantly enhance the startup ecosystem, propelling the Indian economy to new heights.

The emphasis on improving manufacturing and charging infrastructure aligns perfectly with our aim for a more environmentally responsible tomorrow. 

Simultaneously, the growing adoption of e-buses for public transport networks is a commendable step that not only solves environmental issues but also paves the way for significant growth in the electric vehicle market. The emphasis on EV charging infrastructure not only accelerates the transition to greener energy, but also encourages entrepreneurial possibilities for vendors, creating jobs for young people skilled in manufacture, installation, and maintenance.

Furthermore, the introduction of the rooftop solarisation scheme, the conversion of 40,000 rail coaches to Vande Bharat standards, and the ambitious goal of establishing 100 million tonnes of coal gasification and liquefaction capacity by 2030 demonstrate a comprehensive approach to sustainable development. Additional efforts, such as starting a new biomanufacturing and bio-foundry plan and legislating the gradual mixing of CNG and biogas, add to the budget's optimistic tone for a future in which economic growth and environmental conscience coexist. And we look forward to benefiting from these positive developments. The implementation of such measures serves as a significant boost to Make in India and contributes to the realization of our vision to promote domestic manufacturing.