Home News Zoomcar, the leading marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets has more than 5 million guests and a 20,000+ strong Host Community; hosts share their experiences.

Zoomcar, the leading marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets has more than 5 million guests and a 20,000+ strong Host Community; hosts share their experiences.

by Our Corresspondent - Jun 01, 2023
Zoomcar, the leading marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets has more than 5 million guests and a 20,000+ strong Host Community; hosts share their experiences., News, KonexioNetwork.com

-Zoomcar hosts share their experiences and most loved features on the platform-


Mumbai: Zoomcar, the leading marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets today announced that it now has 5 million+ guests and over 20,000 hosts in its community. Zoomcar with over 20,000 cars on its platform has covered over 2 billion+ kilometres and received plenty of testimonials from its cherished hosts.

Shashi Shekar from Bangalore became a host at Zoomcar after coming across a Facebook advertisement. The advertisement came at the right time, since Shashi, who was working in the automobile sector, had lost his job due to the pandemic. He decided to try earning an additional income and has now become a full-time host in Zoomcar with 4 cars in two years. “I had a Kia Seltos, a new model car with only two thousand kilometres driven at that time, so I decided to give it a try. Now, in a span of two years, I have four cars and plan to add six more by the end of this year. The best part of the Zoomcar platform is that I can see money coming in on a daily basis, which covers all my expenses, including household and family expenses. My financial health has improved, and I have more time to spend with my family. Zoomcar has truly made a positive impact on my life. One of my favorite features is the recently introduced performance dashboard, where I can track the performance and returns of my cars. I'm excited for more introductions from Zoomcar that will benefit both customers and hosts like me”. 

Another host who is on Zoomcar, Jagdish Jawar, the owner of an Ayurvedic factory, discovered Zoomcar when he was looking to multiply his income. “I was looking for a safe and futuristic investment that would boost my profits. That's when I discovered Zoomcar. My friend and I were searching for an opportunity where we could park our investment and earn high returns. Through a friend, we learned about the good business opportunity offered by Zoomcar. We met with some people at Zoomcar and decided to invest in one car. Currently, we have four cars - three Ertigas and one Ciaz - and we can see significant growth. Each car generates around 40,000 INR per month, so with four cars, we're earning around 1.5 lakhs. We have plans to add more cars, but finding suitable parking facilities is our only obstacle. Based on the performance and data provided by Zoomcar assistance, we intend to add more seven-seaters and automatic cars, as Ertigas have been providing higher returns. Generally, everyone has a five-seater car at home, but when they want to travel with friends or family, a minimum of a seven-seater is required. Therefore, adding seven-seaters to the Zoomcar fleet makes perfect sense”.

Like Jagdish, Dr Nadim Khan, an Ayurvedic skin and hair specialist based in Bangalore, was seeking additional income to match the current cost of living, and decided to take a chance by becoming a host on Zoomcar. “I joined Zoomcar about a year ago after being referred by a friend. I became a Zoom host and now have two top-end diesel cars running on the platform. As you know, the cost of living in Bangalore is very high, so I decided to invest in Zoomcar as an alternate business to generate extra income and cover my daily expenses. My rating as a host is 4.8, and I always ensure that my car is clean, fuelled up, and all the accessories are in working condition to maintain this rating. I believe in providing good service to my guests, and I want to see my car listed on top in the Zoom host app”.

Finally, Vivian Vijay Spinto, a 26-year-old Banker from Mangalore, who discovered Zoomcar while looking for options to earn more, says that it is one of the best platforms for car hosts and those who wish to hire a car. “I work as a banker and have been considering multiple businesses to generate additional income apart from my banking job. I was planning to explore other businesses such as restaurants and other ventures, but I felt that Zoomcar was the best option. I started with one car as a trial and later added three more. Currently, I have four cars and plan to add more in the future. Zoomcar has provided me with a great opportunity and platform to earn additional income. I particularly appreciate features like the guest chat box and the performance calculation dashboard in the Zoomcar application. The guest chat box has been useful as guests have reached out to me for location information and any concerns they might have. I have been able to assist them by promptly responding to their messages. Additionally, the performance analysis dashboard allows me to track my revenue and set aside a portion for maintenance expenses. With the performance dashboard, I can monitor the revenue earned through Zoomcar and allocate a specific amount for expenses. This helps me determine the amount of revenue generated from the car at the end of the day or year. Being a Zoomcar host has been an excellent way for me to start earning a secondary income”.

Naveen Gupta, Country Head, Zoomcar India added “We are very happy to surpass this exciting milestone on our journey toward creating more economic empowerment for our hosts. Zoomcar offers over 1,000 unique SKUs in over 45 cities including transit points like airports and railway stations with a comprehensive portfolio of cars across categories - Hatchbacks, Sedans, MUVs, SUVs, EVs, and Luxury cars. As a platform, we’ve witnessed exceptional growth in the number of hosts using our platform and we expect this to grow even more as more car owners understand the economic benefits of hosting on Zoomcar. Our team continues to be focused on delivering delightful customer experiences for our hosts and guests on the Zoomcar platform”.