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by Our Corresspondent - Jan 24, 2023
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TBZ-The Original, With a legacy spanning over 158 years, fostered with the values of trust, quality and craftsmanship, has launched its latest campaign across all media.

This #TRUECHALLENGE is a myth busting campaign aimed at highlighting TBZ-The Original’s rootedness in delivering high quality products at the Best Per Gm Price as compared to other National Jewelers and reflects the continuous initiative of the brand to provide best value to its customers.   

TBZ-The Original’s jewellery is a testament of true authenticity, reflecting India’s diversity. With jewellery as a symbol of changing India, and the understanding that exquisite jewellery should belong to people from all walks of life, TBZ-The Original wants all Indians to experience ownership of its exquisitely crafted pieces at very competitive pricing.

As a brand that is wholly invested in what you want, TBZ-The Original believes in fulfilling the vision of giving India the jewellery it deserves. Setting the benchmark for excellence, TBZ-The Original re-envisions classic and contemporary jewelry with everyday cutting-edge innovation, yet keeping it surprisingly affordable.  

TBZ-The Original prides itself in being your first option and hopes to continue doing the same for decades to come. Trust, quality, class at an affordable price is at the heart of TBZ-The Original’s belief in customer-centricity. The #TrueChallenge campaign is testament to the brand’s confidence in its values and offering.

This campaign has been rolled out Pan-India and will be visible in Print, OOH, Digital and other media to reach out to consumers.