Home News This Student’s Day, these innovative & educational toys teaches skill and creativity in a fun way!

This Student’s Day, these innovative & educational toys teaches skill and creativity in a fun way!

by Our Corresspondent - Oct 14, 2021
This Student’s Day, these innovative & educational toys teaches  skill and creativity in a fun way!, News, KonexioNetwork.com

World Student's Day is celebrated every year on October 15. Students can play with these innovative toys that combines skill, suspense and creativity. These toys from Skoodle will provide students with problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking abilities.

1.      Skoodle - My First Xylophone

This Educational Toy with vibrant and brightly-coloured keys of different sizes increases the fun and creativity of the child to play this Xylophone for a long period of time. A great instrument to start your child a musical development. Musical instrument will reduces the stress of the one playing with the increase of memory capacity to remember the sound of the note.

Price: Rs. 349


2.      Skoodle Stackrr Classic

Skoodle Stackrr tumbling tower Jenga blocks helps to develop the interest of the child and promote skill development at the same time. It is the perfect game for everyone, with bringing you to the edge-of-your-seat experience, gravity-defying action that is it is sturdy and floor game which promotes Strategic Thinking, communication, and logic between players. Only using one hand to remove blocks helps hand-eye coordination and self-control.

Price: Rs. 679


3.      Skoodle 24 Pieces Under Water Puzzle
Skoodle 24 Pieces Under Water Puzzle is set of puzzles that is designed for children to improve their cognitive skills. The feature of the puzzle is it glows in the dark after turning out lights.

Price: Rs. 49


4.      Skoodle Alphabet Activity Kit
Skoodle Alphabet Activity Kit  helps children learn alphabets in easy manner with fun. The kit contains various things like learn & colour workbook, alphabet flash cards, jigsaw puzzle, crayons etc.
Price: Rs. 424

5.      Skoodle Disney Frozen DIY Perfume kit
A first step towards the world of perfumery with your favourite Disney Princess. Master the art of perfume making with experimentation and science. This DIY kit provides all the tools and ingredients required in making your first fragrance in a fun and creative way.
Price: Rs. 640


6.      Skoodle – Marvel Avengers DIY Glow in the Dark Slime kit
Glow in the Dark Slime has that cosmic shimmer effect. Let your little one dabble their hands in a bit of chemistry with their favourite superheroes. Join the battle of saving the world with glowing, sparkling slime with marvel avengers make your own Glow in The Dark Slime.

Price: Rs. 640